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Being able to handle popcorn ceiling removal is quite a hassle. While some property owners think all it takes is a quiet hit and some scratching, it can be dangerous and even hazardous to handle it without proper equipment and performing analysis and steps accordingly. Old popcorn ceilings were mostly made with asbestos. As a result, they can be toxic and cause health issues in the short and long run, especially during exposure. Hence, you want to hire qualified experts from our company Palm Beach County Painter & Remodel Pros, so that your Cloud Lake, FL property is all taken care of and you can rest assured everything will be removed.

The whole process of popcorn ceiling removal takes more than getting to your property with the equipment and getting to work right away. First, we need to run a test on the materials of your ceiling and see if any asbestos is present. Second, we wait for the results. Finally, depending on whether there is or isn’t asbestos, we can proceed to remove the whole ceiling.

In both cases, it is possible to remove it, but having asbestos will lead to adding extra steps and using different equipment and tools for the project. Hence, we need to be careful and set the entire process and project properly to prevent any harm and hazards.

Whenever the ceiling isn’t toxic or hazardous, we can remove it like most materials, but it will still take some time so that we can avoid most of the debris and waste that falls into your property.

Of course, before performing anything, we cover all the space, remove any hardware, and make sure nothing is damaged in the process. As a result, you get to keep your property’s integrity but with a new ceiling.

Can We Install or Get You A New Ceiling?

Once we have removed the entire popcorn and finally got you a ceiling that is worth looking at, you have two options:

  • You can ask us to clean it and keep the smooth and simple result by applying some material, but without working on it too much.
  • Or you can request our contractors to get you a luxury smooth finish, a texturized ceiling, a skim coat, and other types.

In other words, we can get you a brand-new finish and ceiling or keep it simple after the removal. Of course, our ceiling services can be requested by anyone, not only those removing popcorn with us.

Moreover, we can have some designs and recommendations in case you don’t know what would be best. Among the options we offer, the usual luxury smooth finish is at the top.

As long as you let us know, we can plan the whole project and service so that you can relax and enjoy your property from now on. Feel free to reach out regardless of having a residential or commercial property.

We will be there for any project and happily deliver the services and results you want.

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