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Bathroom Painting, Palm Beach County Painter & Remodel Pros

Whenever you want to do your bathroom painting, remember that it takes quite some time and the right type of paint so that you don’t have to go over it multiple times or worry about quality. Hence, it is more than choosing a color and working around the most expensive type of paint. Finding balance in the shade you want, the quality, and your budget will need to be prioritized so that the task doesn’t hurt you in any possible way. At Palm Beach County Painter & Remodel Pros, our team is here to provide all support and assistance.

As long as you contact us first, we will be there to work through the process to ensure you have everything covered: choosing the color and shade you want, finding the best type of paint for it, working through preparing the walls and space, and finally performing the painting, we will be there for everything.

Consequently, you will be worry-free or less stressed about what needs to be done. Moreover, our bathroom painters can guarantee a neat result based on your needs and preferences so that you can stop worrying about details. Hence, feel free to reach out and have our work throughout the entire process. We would love to work with you and ensure you don’t have to worry about any part of the process.

Whenever you work with us, you can rest assured that we won’t use low-quality products nor provide poor service that compromises your quality and investment. We are looking to ensure that your bathroom painting lasts for years and can stand all the elements in the space, from humidity to condensation and any extra considerations within the space.

What Type of Paint Is Better for Bathroom Painting?

While people will use almost any type and worry more about the color, you cannot use just any. Therefore, our team will guide you through the different types that can be chosen based on the sheen you want, the specific shades or tones that are found, and your budget.

The best type for this room is definitely satin, semi-gloss, or even a glossy finish. Additionally, the paint should contain mildew-resistant properties, which can be included with a specific additive our team includes before painting.

Some brands already come with the additive, but this can incur more expenses per gallon when all it takes is some extra component for the perfect mix. As a result of choosing the perfect type plus the additive, you get paint that can last for a long time. While it may bring some retouching needs over the years, frequent ones shouldn’t be a problem.

What happens in case you want a matte finish instead of glossy options? Whenever someone contacts us and expresses how they don’t want the usual sheen, we can recommend some types of matte colors and paints. They will have the mildew-resistant additive too, and the finish will be as wanted.

However, having a matte finish can make imperfections more noticeable over the years. Hence, this is a consideration before you set your mind on how this is the paint for you.

Finally, the type of paint matters, but it should be coupled with how the prep work and painting process is handled. Therefore, let our bathroom painters work and ensure a clean result using quality products and the right paint and working with you through cleaning, repairing, and priming.

How Our Bathroom Painting Process Works

First, we will discuss the project with you. We must learn the type of color and shade you are looking for and what finish you need. Then focus on getting a brand and high-quality paint within your budget.

Second, our painters need to remove all the items and hardware while also taping off areas that shouldn’t be painted.

Third, we get all supplies together and start planning the process: cleaning the walls and repairing any damage.

Fourth, we finally start priming the walls before beginning the painting itself. Once done, we move on with cutting any extra edges.

Finally, the bathroom painting itself begins, and we will include ceiling painting in this process so that the entire room blends well in color and have all characteristics you need.

Contact us at Palm Beach County Painter & Remodel Pros today to get the most out of your investment, and let us work on a bathroom painting that will last you for years. Furthermore, the color and aesthetics will be perfect.

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