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Fence Painters, Palm Beach County Painter & Remodel Pros

Painting a fence doesn’t seem like a difficult task. Overall, it shouldn’t be. However, this is only when looking for some aesthetical appeal and not perfection, which can lead to more expenses and issues in the long run. Having neatly done paint for your fence will take the right type of paint, color, and proper technique so that the finish isn’t uneven or even ugly, which is quite common when using a paintbrush without second thoughts is what takes place. At Palm Beach County Painter & Remodel Pros, our team helps you on each step and ensures you don’t have to worry about quality and durability.

Unlike other companies, we will include you throughout the process and ensure you understand why we are doing something, why another step is needed, and so on. We can comply and accommodate your needs as long as we get a good idea of what color you want and what you are expecting for your fence. Hence, don’t be afraid if contact us and ask away. While other painters will feel annoyed, we are here to clarify everything.

But is it really that different from hiring fence painters instead of handling it yourself? Absolutely. We understand people’s hesitation and how they often question if hiring painters for just anything is even worth it. However, it can greatly affect how the finish is done and the quality of the entire fence.

You will, for instance, notice how the entire fence looks even and how regardless of the elements and weather, it remains in good condition after years and not only a few months. Furthermore, hiring our fence painters brings the opportunity to have quality within a reasonable budget all the time.

How Do Our Fence Painters Approach the Project?

First, we need to discuss what you want and how we can deliver it. Therefore, let us know the color you want, the type of finish you aim for, your budget, and any extra requirements or services.

Second, we proceed with the planning. Our painters will work with you in planning the whole fence painting so that we know if prep work requires more than cleaning and priming. For instance, we may need to repair some parts and handle some replacements of the word.

Third, once we get all the prep work done, including priming, then we proceed with the painting itself. One layer needs to be applied carefully so that it seals with the primer properly, and we can perfect the rest of the finish.

Depending on your fence’s size and how the wood is placed, we can paint it using a regular paintbrush or go for a roller and airless sprayer. In case we are looking for a specific finish, we may choose one tool over the other.

Finally, we inspect the fence and make sure that after all the layers—as many as required—the result is perfect. If not, we proceed with an extra layer or to fix the problem itself.

Unlike other companies, we are not scared of recognizing and addressing when a result is not 100%. Hence, expect us to be there fixing it and making sure that the perfection we mention, promise, and actually deliver is achieved during your fence painting.

For this, all you have to do is contact our fence painters first. As much as we would love to get there with a mind connection, you need to call or email us before we know you require our help.

How to Get in Touch with Our Fence Painters

It is as simple as calling or emailing us. While other companies will make it a sophisticated and complex process, we like allowing you to reach out without much effort. Hence, you can ask all questions and even schedule a free inspection and estimate when calling or emailing our staff. You can fill out our contact form, too, in case it is more comfortable and allows for an easy way to provide us with information.

Whenever you contact us, we will address your request and question first. Therefore, expect us to answer your doubts about price, how we work with you through the entire process, and setting up a project for your fence painting.

Once this is clear, we will start asking information required for us to work with you on the whole process. As long as our fence painters are properly informed, you can get the perfect result for your entire fence.

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However, if you need any of these services, you need to contact us. The list below comprises the areas where we offer these services.