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Brick Paver Sealing, Palm Beach County Painter & Remodel Pros

Working with qualified experts for your brick paver sealing is the right way to approach this need. Otherwise, it is very common to damage the entire space and bring more expenses your way. At Palm Beach County Painter & Remodel Pros, we want to make sure you have your brick pavers under control and properly maintained. After all, we are more than aware of their cost and how much you want to keep them in good condition. Hence, feel free to contact us and request the service immediately or ask us any questions.

One of the most common questions is, why would you want to seal brick pavers in the first place? In all cases, sealing is about protecting your assets and spaces. Deck sealing is one of the most popular services in this industry and niche, and what you do when performing it is make sure the wood isn’t damaged by water and UV rays. It is quite similar when you work with brick pavers.

The sealant’s purpose is to ensure that your bricks won’t be damaged by the weather and elements while keeping them from staining. You can consider sealing to add an extra layer or two that are able to protect your surface from most damage related to wearing out the material.

In fact, sealing is key if you don’t want your surfaces to be damaged from use alone. In most cases, you want to apply it only for the foot traffic in the space. otherwise, continuous issues like stains and cracks will take place in the area.

However, brick paver sealing is not as simple as just applying a layer or coat. Choosing the right type of sealant, working on preparing the surface, and more, are key.

What Type of Sealant Is the Best for Brick Pavers Sealing?

Specific sealants will be better than others depending on where and how your brick pavers are installed. 

For instance, brick pavers around pools or specific areas with a lot of water or extremely exposed to rain will be grateful for having you apply waterborne or water-based paver sealer. They will be more resistant and prevent fading and discoloration. Additionally, it adds a layer to protect the items from all sunlight and ensure their eco-friendliness remains due to how they are made.

Stains and damage are often prevented with this sealant alone, which is why most people decide to use it for their spaces. However, it can be a bit more expensive due to its composition, and when it isn’t about water but the foot traffic or use of the surface, you may want to include another type of sealant.

For instance, solvent-based sealers will add more resistance in case your brick pavers are installed as driveways or walkways. The only disadvantage lies in how they are not eco-friendly.

However, they don’t handle moisture quite well, so you may want to consider how often it rains in your city, especially considering Florida’s weather in some areas and during certain months of the year.

In our experience, waterborne will always be the better sealant, and although it will lead to a bit more money invested, durability and longevity will be unmatched, saving you resources in the long run.

As long as you are open to the option, our team can help you apply it and make sure the whole project is within your budget. Feel free to call us; we will accommodate your needs and preferences and ensure the sealant is the right option.

How Much Will You Spend on Brick Pavers Sealing?

The beauty of sealing is:

  1. You don’t have to do it that often.
  2. The cost per square foot is quite cheap.
  3. It can be done within a day or two.

When it comes to the costs and rates, brick pavers sealing will be about $2 per square foot, and some options can go even lower depending on the project’s difficulty. Allow us to address it properly and help you set a budget or estimate for it.

At Palm Beach County Painter & Remodel Pros, our team will be more than happy to help you throughout the process and ensure you have a price that fits your needs and budget. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask questions and have us work around it.

You can always request a free estimate beforehand and decide whether you want to work with us.

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