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Cabinet Painting, Palm Beach County Painter & Remodel Pros

While cabinet Painting seems like a simple and easy project, it can be challenging when you notice they don’t look how you saw on the internet or at the stores. Why? You could be doing many things wrong: using the wrong paint, not priming beforehand, not knowing how to apply the paint, and so on. Hence, hiring professional painters isn’t a bad idea when you know your cabinets will be in good hands and properly taken care of so that you don’t waste time and money. Palm Beach County Painter & Remodel Pros helps you throughout the process and ensures that all your cabinets, be many or not, are stunning, durable, and perfectly done.

Unlike other painters, we want you to set the entire process and project with our team. In other words, we are here to organize each step and ensure you don’t have to worry about a thing. This includes helping with choosing the color and shade, the type of paint, working on the prep work, and setting the entire painting for you. As a result, you won’t have to worry about the entire result as we ensure you get the perfect finish and get to experience a full makeover of your cabinets.

But how difficult can it be to paint cabinets in the first place? Ensuring the paint gets in the right places and stays without being damaged by the kitchen elements makes it difficult. This isn’t only about choosing the right type but also knowing how to apply it. Otherwise, having issues and seeing your cabinets peeling after a few months is common.

Allow us to provide you with full support so that you don’t worry about details or the project in general.

Is It Worth Painting Cabinets Instead of Replacing Them?

This is a common question among our clients, and it makes sense. After all, paint can turn out to be expensive whenever you have to guarantee quality and focus on a specific type, but is this more expensive than replacement? Not quite.

Expenses around cabinet painting will vary depending on the number of cabinets, their size, how much work they take, and the type of paint you choose. Overall, it will be cheaper considering that painting will solve all your problems with your cabinet. Additionally, they will bring more durability and longevity as long as the painting is done properly.

While we understand that some people will usually aim for a replacement, how long will this last? Replacing cabinets can lead to quite an expensive result. Instead, you could spend a third of the price for your painting whenever you get qualified and fair painters for it.

At Palm Beach County Painter & Remodel Pros, our painters will take care of everything and ensure you don’t have to worry about each detail is done. You get to lie down and wait for us to bring all the results to the table.

Furthermore, working with us guarantees to have professionals who will adapt to your budget. We are well aware that not everyone can offer quality and good prices or that all clients have different opportunities. Hence, we adapt our services and focus on what can be offered within your limits.

We will work around your request and needs as long as you keep it detailed with our cabinet painters. Accommodating them is our priority so that we can move on with the project a hand.

How Much Can You Expect to Pay for Cabinet Painting?

Overall, prices range between $27 and $58 per linear foot. Some people like charging per cabinet instead of a linear foot, but this can be more or less expensive depending on the number you have or the space your cabinetry is taking up in your kitchen.

Following the linear foot idea, it can easily make you spend between $550 to $1.500, but if you have less, the price just lowers naturally. Hence, we like working with this more than per cabinet as it makes the project more affordable and fits into most people’s budgets.

Our rates also vary depending on the painting, the tools, the amount of work, and the timeframe. Therefore, feel free to call or email us to request a free quote. You can also use our contact form to get more information and have our painters work on your needs.

We are available all year round and ready to take on any cabinet painting project, be it in a residential or commercial property or a small or large-scale project.

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